Now we introduce the book, "Negai no Itoguchi: Prelude of Desire", a collection of 13 masterpieces including the opening illustration of Utamaro Kitagawa, whose works are regarded as Edo treasures.

Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) is famous in the world as an Edo-period ukiyo-e artist who also produced many distinctive shunga works. Most of these are monochrome in black ink in the hanshibon format, but he also produced three luxury books each with a set of twelve large (ôban) prints. These are the famous Utamakura (Poem of the Pillow, 1788), Ehon Komachi-biki (Picture Book: Pulling Komachi, 1802) and Negai no itoguchi (1799).

The works are an explicit portrayal from the soft fair skin of the woman flushed with a glow to the secret female parts wet with pleasure. Lines by Ikku Juppensha, who was a popular Gisaku writer in the Edo period, are the perfect adornment to the world of Utamaro that is highly regarded worldwide. You can enjoy conversations between lovers with a full sense of reality as if you were actually there through the English translation of Andrew Gerstle, a project leader of the exhibition "Shunga sex and pleasure in Japanese art" at the British Museum. We hope you will purchase this book of monumental work at this opportunity.

The book was supervised by Andrew Gerstle and Monta Hayakawa who was also one of the project members of the exhibition at the British Museum. The book, "Negai no Itoguchi: Prelude of Desire" is a complete recreation of the masterpieces of Utamaro Kitagawa that is recommended by Tadashi Kobayashi, the president of the International Ukiyo-e Society, as well as by Hiroyuki Kano, a professor of Doshisha University and an authority in the Ukiyo-e field.

We hope you will purchase this book of monumental work at this opportunity.