Luxurious Shihou Chitsu Package

12 + 1 special edition with English explanation

11 colors, FM Screen Printing Method

Full English commentary and preface

Utamaro Eroticism
Negaino Itoguchi

Complete reproduction of Japanese Ukiyo-e masterpiece

Now we introduce the book, "Negai no Itoguchi: Prelude of Desire", a collection of 13 masterpieces including the opening illustration of Utamaro Kitagawa, whose works are regarded as Edo treasures.

¥ 200,000 .-
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Limited Edition Worldwide

400 limited-edition increase the value of this masterpiece as collector’s item. Purchase this book of monumental work at this opportunity.

Luxurious Packaging

The book is placed in a luxurious square folder “Shihou Chitsu” and printed on specially-created Japanese “Betsu-suki” paper recreates the texture at that time.

Supervised by Experts

Supervised by Andrew Gerstle and Monta Hayakawa who was also one of the project members of the exhibition at the British Museum Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art

¥ 200,000 .-
*exclude shipping cost

“Sex, sexual pleasure and the depiction of sexuality, the quotation simply puts, are an essential part of life, and we should celebrate this aspect of our existence.”

- Andrew Gerstle
University of London

“Humour is a very important element of shunga and an alternative name for shunga, warai-e (‘laughter pictures’), implies that the works are meant to be entertaining.”

- Monta Hayakawa
International Ukiyo-e Society

“Epiphanic in a word, namely a savage human behavior, but the essence of the art exists there”

- The Times
about "Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art" of British Museum

“The most explicit and brilliant pictures of pleasure ever produced.”

- The Independent
about "Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art" of British Museum